Orange Slices and Water at Half Time

Remember when you were a kid and at halftime you and your teammates sat around with big orange slice smiles?Image

Whatever happened to that? I remember running off the field pounding those orange slices, grateful for whichever parent brought them. Nothing could beat the sweet, juicy taste of an orange. So why is that snacks seem to be mandatory AFTER a game? And why are parents bringing cookies, candy, chips, and sugary juice? Can we please just go back to orange slices and water at halftime? Please?!! It just seems counterproductive to be giving them something unhealthy after they have just participated in some form of exercise. If I want to indulge them in something sweet, I want it to be on my own terms like for their birthday or a holiday or just because I want to do something fun for them. But when I sign them up to play a sport, it seems like I am taking a step backwards by letting them have a snack afterwards unless its water and orange slices (or some other kind of fruit!).

How did this whole snack culture evolve? It seems there are snacks for everything and everywhere. At the park. At a playdate. At a sporting event. At a school dance. I feel like whatever social activity I take part in, food is involved, and it is not usually of the healthy variety. It is not a surprise that America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) 35% of American adults and 17% of children are obese. With this problem comes heart related disease, diabetes, and certain type of cancers. The costs of medical care for obese Americans is nearly $1429 higher than those of ‘normal’ weight. My goal in becoming a wellness coach is to educate people on these matters. Prevention is key.

Of course America’s obesity problem is not solely due to this evolution of a snack culture. Look around. What types of places sell the cheapest, fastest foods?  In this fast paced culture Americans have difficulty finding the time to prepare wholesome, delicious, fresh meals. It is much easier and quicker to go through the drive through, buy frozen, prepared meals, or eat whatever the fastest meal to prepare might be. Healthier foods are less available, cost more, require preparation and cooking, as well as facilities in which to prepare them in. Fresh foods are not always available especially if one requires transportation to get to fresh, quality foods. Plus marketing is geared towards fast foods, snack items, soda, especially in low income areas. Thank goodness my kids don’t watch regular syndicated television. All the shows they watch are on Apple TV!

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