Rock and Roll Half Marathon


This morning my husband ran in his 3rd half marathon. He discovered a few years back that if he signed up for races he would follow through with training knowing he had to race at the end. I never once thought he would be the “runner” in the family, but he is much more so than I am. Just because I ran cross country and track in high school, competed in sprint triathlons in my early 20’s, and ran a wee bit in my 30’s, he is clearly the SUPERSTAR runner. I am so proud of him. Not for competing and finishing these half marathons, and marathon, but for staying in great shape and following through on his commitment to train. There was a time in his life he was 100 + pounds overweight and not very healthy. He worked in NYC, ate a lot of fast food, went to the bars at night, and DID NOT exercise. He woke up one day and realized this was not how he wanted to live his life and vowed to lose weight. He lost 100 pounds. Then he left that fast paced life and entered the world of boarding school, where he teaches, coaches, advises students, and is a dorm parent. About 5 or 6 years ago my husband did P90X and the transformation was unreal! Not only did he religiously do the workouts, but he followed the nutrition plan. At the end of the 90 days his body was so much stronger and leaner. While the nutrition plan might have been a bit too drastic (my husband looked a little sick after the 90 days he was so thin in the face) it did teach him to eat better. For those 90 days he kept track of everything he ate in a little notebook, so there was no cheating! After the half marathon today, my husband said he is taking a break from running.  I wonder what his next venture into staying fit will be!

3 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Half Marathon

  1. I have known Marc since 1995 and got to see his transformation. It was remarkable! Marc is absolutely an inspiration and yes, he was a little too skinny after that 90 days of P90X :)! Keep us posted on his next adventure! Congrats on your latest 1/2 marathon finish! You are a ROCKSTAR!!


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