Mom ate MEAT!



I consider myself a vegetarian, but perhaps the proper term is flexitarian. Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s just easier to say vegetarian. Basically I will eat meat if I know  the animal was organically fed and naturally raised, and slaughtered in a clean, decent, respectful way. On December 26th I had the pleasure of visiting my cousins in Maine who own Triple L Family Farm in Kennebunkport, Maine. The chickens and pigs are naturally raised and organically fed on this farm, and they are butchered at a local, small family owned shop in town, so there was no question I was going to eat some meat on this trip! I even had a taste of venison for the first time, as my cousin made a meat sauce with the deer my uncle harvested on their property. Breakfast the next day was delicious with farm fresh eggs and BACON! Oh, how I missed the taste of bacon, but this bacon was better than any I’ve had before. My eight year old daughter was stunned I was eating meat and I had to explain to her (once again) my reasoning. When she is old enough I will have her read the book , Eating Animals, that prompted my vegetarian lifestyle.

On Triple L Family Farm’s Facebook Page Billy states how the farm idea started. “Our drive started early as our kids were developing their minds and establishing the building blocks they need to make good decisions about what they eat. We started with a small batch of 6 meat chickens and 6 egg layers and have grown without looking back. We are expanding to provide family and friends with eggs, chicken, and pork. Future plans to add lamb and goats, and some fruits and vegetables. Hops and grapes are possibly in the future as well for our wine & beer enthusiasts.”

Oh, how I would love to be living in Maine and living this life. Maine. The Way Life Should Be.


2 thoughts on “Mom ate MEAT!

  1. I feel the same way. I was whole food/plant strong for about a year. As I reflect on that year, I realize that it is not eating meat that I object to as much as what the animals are fed, how and where they are raised, and where and how they are slaughtered.


    • It’s all that, plus the health reasons when the animals are not fed organically, pumped with antibiotics, and then slaughtered in a disease ridden, unclean slaughter house. So for me it is both a social and health reason I don’t eat meat. It’s the commercial slaughter houses and the practices I read about in Eating Animals that really did me in!


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