It’s what you put in that counts

If you are interested in learning more about the food we eat check out these documentaries:
Food Inc, Food Matters, A Place at the Table, Supersize Me, The Gerson Miracle, Forks Over Knives

On The Funny Side

I like to think that I have always eaten pretty well. My mom always cooked for us, there was never a lot of junk food around. I remember her telling us to pick a cereal out but it had to have less than a certain number of grams of sugar in it. Mom was the original label reader. I was never a big fast food eater but sometimes french fries are just really delicious. I don’t drink soda, save for the fountain Coke I treat myself to about three times a year.  I make dinner 6 nights a week, I don’t cook on Fridays. Everyone should get a night off! There is always plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in our house and what I make is what’s for dinner. You don’t have to eat it but I’m not making something else. I am not a short order cook.


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