Laugh, Love, Live a Healthy Life


Most days I am at the gym I find myself laughing at some point. Usually at myself for messing up on the routine in Body Combat or Piyo, but sometimes at others. I know, not very nice. Sometimes I just can’t help it. Watching others trying to figure out a move, having no clue what the routine is, or simply doing their own thing because they want to, just brings a huge grin to my face while I stifle a laugh. Sometimes I am looking at them wondering what the heck they are doing…..running back and forth and high kicking like a rockette while the rest of us are standing in one spot doing high knees.  Or the 100 year old woman (obviously not that old, but am amazed by the number of older patrons at the gym) who is trying her best to do a side plank while her headband (like the kind you wear skiing to keep your ears warm) is about to pop off the top of her head. I hope that they too are laughing at themselves, just as I laugh at myself.  However, the thing I love most about these folks at the gym is that they are taking a step towards healthier living, regardless of what they look like while at the gym.

Yesterday an older woman who has been in some of my yoga/pilates classes decided to try Body Combat because she was told she needed to do more cardio workouts. The instructor told her she could modify the moves and to go at her own pace, so this woman stayed in the back and that is just what she did. While most of us in that class are regulars and pretty much have the routine down, this woman was doing what she could, but still getting a good workout in. I was proud of her. Today she was in Piyo with me and I asked her what she thought. “Good. Hard. I couldn’t quite follow.” I told her it was the same for me when I started. I also encouraged her to continue going as it does get easier (sometimes) and even if she never quite gets the moves or routine down it is great that she is now doing more cardio.

So even though I might laugh, I am inspired by these people. The hardest part is just showing up to the gym, the pool, the track, or your own living room for a workout. Loving your workout may be difficult, but if you find a workout you love you’ll want to to do it everyday. (That’s Body Combat for me.)  Once you are there have some fun, laugh, and continuing living a healthy life.

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