Real Food 30 Day 1

I have never strictly followed any sort of nutrition program. I don’t like living like under such rules and I highly believe in moderation, variety, and enjoying treats here and there. So after much thought and a good night’s sleep I have decided to come up with my own program. Real Food 30. No processed foods/packaged foods for this girl. I still bought a few packaged things for the kids, but a lot less than usual. Until my half and half runs out, I plan on having that in my cup of coffee every morning. I just came back from Trader Joe’s and the fridge is stocked. Well, at least the two crisper drawers are and my hanging fruit basket! The pantry does  not have much more than yesterday, except for a few more cans of beans, olives, salsas, nuts, tomatoes, lentils….that sort of thing. For the next 30 days I will be chronicling this process.



Vegan Pumpkin Bread from OhSheGlows. I have been making this recipe for a couple of years now and the whole family LOVES it! However, I do make some changes to it. I reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup, left out the walnuts, and did not make the buttercream icing, which is divine. If you do make that it is more of a dessert! I made two loaves of this bread a few weeks back and froze them. So luckily we had something to eat for breakfast this morning since I still hadn’t been to the grocery store. I also had  my cup of coffee with half and half and a little liquid Stevia.


I was hungry when I came home from Trader Joe’s since I only had a small piece of the pumpkin bread before I left, so I made a bowl of European Style Plain Full Fat Yogurt with a handful of various nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, and macademia), a teaspoon of chia seed, handful of blueberries and raspberries, and a tablespoon of toasted coconut. Not bad. Not great. But I definitely could get used to it. I should note, however, that I never measure anything. I just eyeball it when I am cooking/preparing meals. Baking is about the only thing I measure ingredients for!


BIG SALAD with spinach and romaine, carrots, pepper, white button mushrooms, handful of cashews, scallions, and 1/2 of an avocado. The dressing I made and used atop the salad that my husband and I shared (and we have enough left over for a small side salad for dinner tonight) is actually a Moroccan dipping sauce.  My husband also ate a banana and peanut butter with the salad. I ate a handful of nuts I mixed up earlier (almonds, hazelnuts, and macademia). The kids had some cheese and crackers, grapes, and 1/2 apple. Normally, I would have given them more to eat, but it was already 2:30. We are clearly still on vacation mode. I had them each try one of the nuts, and peanut butter on one cracker. My 6 year old son did not like any of the nuts or peanut butter. He spit all the nuts in the garbage! Guess it is going to have to be black beans for him at lunch since he doesn’t like any other source of protein! My 8 year old daughter ate everything without complaint, but she did not like the nuts. She did mention she would eat salted almonds! OK!

Snack: Cherry Pie Larabar (the only packaged food  I plan on eating until I can come up with my own recipe)

Dinner: Crustless quiche cups with spinach, onion, mushrooms, and pepper. I added ham and cheese to the kids. For a side I attempted at making hash — zucchini and sweet potato hash! I didn’t mind it, neither did Marc, but neither kid was very fond of it. They ate it anyway. Marc ended up finishing the salad from lunch, and I finished the chickpea dish from last night. The kids had some graham crackers and milk. Clearly the quiche cups and hash was not enough food for any of us.

I am just not sure this Real Food 30 Challenge I have set up for myself is going to last. I might just have to concentrate on breakfast, lunch, and snacks for myself, and go back to our regular vegetarian family meals for dinner. My stomach feels good. Although I do still feel hungry. Maybe I’ll have another handful of nuts or blend some Greek yogurt and frozen berries later.

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