Week 2 NOT Starting off Good

I was so proud of myself for making it a week on  my food challenge seriously limiting grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods. I decided I could let them back in here and there and continue my great feeling. Nope. Sunday was great. I ate well all day, and had a small bowl of ice cream at the day’s end. Felt fine. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and to celebrate our Irish heritage I made potato soup and served it with focaccia bread. Not so great. The bread has done me in. I had more than my share last night, and again at lunch today. Plus the bag of “Cowboy Bark” I bought at Trader Joe’s with the intention of sharing with my family, is so addictive and therefore, not good for me. I can’t stop at having a small piece. I did share with my daughter in her lunch today, as I knew I had to start doling it out to get it out of the house. My son would have had some (had he known), but he ate too much focaccia at lunch and was full before I could offer him the sweet treat. He is having a bit right now as an afternoon snack along with his applesauce. Don’t worry, honey, I saved the rest for you!

Plus on Tuesday mornings I am not able to get to the gym as I have the pleasure of taking care of a friend’s 1 year old. I guess I could go later in the day, or at night when there are classes offered, but I never seem to motivate. I am a morning workout kind of gal. If it doesn’t happen by 10, it doesn’t happen. I need to work on changing that. So with the lack of exercise coupled with the increased intake of grains and sugar, and lack of fruits and vegetables today I am feeling quite blah. My mind feels foggy. I have no energy. I am hoping the Green Monster Smoothie I just made puts some pep in my step!

2 thoughts on “Week 2 NOT Starting off Good

  1. Hey Amanda,
    I am totally a morning workout girl as well! One day, when I go back to work, this might be a problem as I an not exactly a 6 AM morning workout girl either :).


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