Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes



“Pretty’s Got Nothing To Do With It” is the slogan on one of the many shirts, Pigtail Pals sells in hopes of breaking down stereotypes and empowering our children. This morning as I was perusing Facebook I noticed friends’ twins had recently turned three. One girl. One boy. Under the post letting the world know these two, innocent little ones were three, a well wisher wrote to the girl, “You are prettier than a flower” and to the boy, “You are growing like a weed.” I almost choked on my granola! They are both adorable and they are both growing like weeds. And while I have never actually met these two children, I am sure they are both smart, strong, kind, compassionate, friendly, and beautiful inside and out.

We need to stop putting labels on our children, and start empowering them to just be themselves. Girls are not just “sugar and spice, and everything nice”. They are not all wrapped up in pink, bows, and glitter. They are people. They are intelligent, curious, ambitious, athletic, and powerful. Stop looking at them as though they are pieces of art. We need to empower our girls so that they aspire to be the next President of the United States, the next Woman on the Moon, the next Curer of Cancer!

Same with our boys. They are not all “snips and snails, and puppy dog tails”.  They may not all like cars and trucks, sports, and getting dirty. They are also kind, compassionate, caring, sensitive, and smart.

Children are people. Plain and simple. Forget gender.  Forget gender stereotypes. Why is it we always ask a pregnant woman what she is having? A baby, duh. Who cares if it’s a boy or girl. It’s a human being. He or she should be raised the same. Remember this post about redefining girly? Help breakdown gender stereotypes by sharing these posts. Dress your daughter in blue and play football in the mud with her. Dress your son in pink and create an art masterpiece with him. Be more conscientious of gender stereotypes and how you approach not just children, but all people. While some may fall into these gender stereotypes society has created, most do NOT.

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