Fun Fitness vs Exercise

Family Fun Skiing

Family Fun Skiing

If you are like most people you don’t like working out. We need to change the way we look at exercise, and start having more fun being physically active, rather than dreading the thought of it.

Formal exercise in a gym is not the only way to achieve a healthy, toned body. Daily activities that one enjoys doing, such as walking, biking, or hiking can be equally beneficial to an hour long spin class. I gain great satisfaction when I see people out walking their dogs or pushing their children in a stroller. They are getting exercise and they may not even realize it. Sometimes I want a dog just for the excuse of going out for a walk. For some reason I don’t like walking unless I have a dog or a baby to push. Silly. I know.

If the thought of being physically active brings you to tears, then think of it as doing something good for another living being. Your dog. Your kids. Your mom. Go out and shoot hoops or have a catch with your kids. Join the neighborhood flag football or capture the flag game. Just seeing the joy on children’s faces as you join them, should be enough to motivate you.

Playing a game of tennis or squash on date night with another couple is a fun way to pursue a work out. We recently introduced our kids to skiing. They had so much fun and were so exhausted from an entire day of skiing, I am not sure they even realized they were getting exercise at the same time.

Take a up a new skill or activity and learn something new. Horse back riding, dancing, golf, etc. Spend the time being active concentrating at getting better at something rather than worried about getting fitter or looking better.

It is important children see their parents and caregivers being physically active. It is even more important they see us having fun while doing it! What ways to you  have fun while getting a work out in? What ways to you incorporate family fitness?

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