The Trouble With Concession Stands In Youth Sports


Continue having conversations with your kids and educating them on healthy habits. Instead of looking at the calories burned while they play sports, think about the long term effects unhealthy foods can have on them. Think about the message you are sending them. Let’s set our kids up with good eating habits at a young age, rather than letting them struggle in their teens or adult years trying to figure it out. While our kids may not be professional athletes, they still need to learn what the effects of both healthy and unhealthy eating can do. I’m constantly telling my 7 year old son that if he wants to be the next Derek Jeter he’s got to maintain healthy eating habits in order to gain strength, speed, and stamina. If he eats sugary, fat laden food it makes him feel sluggish and usually upsets his stomach. Most times, with a gentle reminder, he chooses a healthier option. Here’s another great post about snacks and sports from Real Mom Nutrition…

“If you have kids in baseball, softball, football, and other organized sports, you know about the concession stand. It may generate much-needed revenue for the sports league. It’s almost always stocked with junk food. As a parent, it’s hard to deny your player something from the concession stand, especially when the whole team gathers there after…”

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