Bodies and Brains



We know that we need our brains for our bodies to function. So why not take care of our mental health, as we try to do for our physical health? It seems simple to me, but for the vast majority this doesn’t seem to the be the case. When I first set out to work in the health industry, I was focused on nutrition and physical activity as a way to prevent injury and disease, maintain weight, and feel good about oneself. However, as time progressed I became more focused on how diet and exercise could positively impact our mental health, and want to spread that awareness to others, especially those who deal with mental and behavioral issues on a daily basis.

There are so many great organizations that focus on mental and/or behavioral health, as well as many companies that promote physical health. I would love to use my knowledge and combine the two health industries to educate others on how the two go hand in hand. I am especially interested in working with those who have mental/behavioral issues and providing them with the necessary tools to combat or at least ease their illness by using food and physical fitness, along with therapy and medication.

As an adult with anxiety disorder I have experienced first hand just what proper nutrition, physical activity, and medication can do for my illness. When all three are balanced my anxiety is at its lowest. If there is a week where I tend to eat poorly (more processed foods, less fruits and vegetables) or weeks where I don’t work out at all, my anxiety is definitely higher. When I decided to taper my medication and went off my meds for a number of months, I felt great at first, but slowly the anxiety crept back despite my best efforts to eat well and exercise daily. In fact I found that even being physically active for 1-2 hours a day,  wasn’t enough to keep my anxiety at bay. I have found a balance again with daily medication, proper nutrition (less processed foods, more fruits/vegetables), and a great 30 minute daily workout (21 Day Fix Extreme).

Some days are not perfect, just as people are not perfect, but it is what it is. I do my best, and so can you. Find what works and stick with it. Encourage others. Seek support. Live life.


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