About Amanda

Currently I am an adjunct professor in the Health and Physical Education department at Mercer County Community College. I am seeking a career in which I best utilize my experience in the areas of psychology and athletic training to assist individuals with mental health issues and their families, particularly in the areas of nutrition and physical fitness.

I believe that healthy living encompasses the whole person and that the mind/body connection is crucial to achieving this balance. I am passionate about advocating for those suffering with mental/behavioral health issues and fighting to remove the stigma associated with these types of illnesses. I would love to pursue a career in which I can educate others on the connection between physical health and mental/behavioral health.


One thought on “About Amanda

  1. Amanda, I love your drive to live a healthier life and encourage the rest of us to do so. I can’t wait to learn from you! Thanks for taking the time to blog so the rest of us can follow along!!


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