The Trouble With Concession Stands In Youth Sports

Continue having conversations with your kids and educating them on healthy habits. Instead of looking at the calories burned while they play sports, think about the long term effects unhealthy foods can have on them. Think about the message you … Continue reading

Soccer Snack Wars

I figured it was fitting to begin my blog on the first day of soccer season considering I titled the blog ‘Snack Wars’. This all has to do with the war I wage every sports season with parents and coaches about the snack epidemic. Snack epidemic, you say? Yes! When my oldest child started playing soccer in Kindergarten, 4 years ago now, the coach asked every parent to sign up to bring post games snacks. Since I felt that it would be cruel and unfair to not allow my child to participate in the snacks while the rest of her teammates did, I decided to wage the war by suggesting we bring healthy snacks and even provided the team with a list of healthy ideas. While this went over well for the most part, some parents still brought Doritos and Oreos to share with the team after playing a game. I was outraged! Really? Our kids just engaged in some healthy exercise, and now we are feeding them crap! What is the point? The number one reason I sign my children up for organized sports is to participate in an active lifestyle. I don’t then want to reward them with unhealthy foods. I don’t want food to be a reward, period! Personally, I have no idea why these young athletes need to have a snack after playing for one hour. Most players live within 10 minutes from the field and are probably heading home after the game. On top of it, there is a snack bar at the fields in which the organization wants families to support, so if a child needs to be fed after an hour, why not go spend money at the snack bar and therefore, support the sports organization? My kids know I rarely allow them to eat anything from the snack bar, and if I know we are going to be at the fields for 2 hours with back to back games I will provide them with a healthy snack from home. So here we are at the beginning of another season. This time I am assistant coach for one of my children’s teams and believe me, I will still be waging the snack wars!