My Spirituality



So now that I have opened up the doors in regards to speaking about spirituality, I figure I should start exploring this component of health. I have many issues regarding formal, organized religion, namely, Catholicism, but I am not going to drone on about those. It’s not important what I don’t believe, or what I don’t think is right. Everyone it entitled to their own opinion and has a right to believe in their own higher power without anyone else passing judgement. While I am not certain there is a “higher power” out there that guides us, I do believe in myself. I know what I am capable of and what I am not capable of. I am constantly working on me. Working on being a better person. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. Volunteer. Coach. I am a perpetual student. I love learning and sharing knowledge, hence why I hope this health coaching works out for me now that I am certified.

Besides taking courses, getting degrees and certifications, one way I have learned to better myself is taking time for myself. Before I had children I spent much of my time exploring nature whether it was snowboarding or mountain biking. I would often slip into the woods while snowboarding and perch myself in the snow and just take in the wonder around me. I loved the quiet, except the faint rustling of animals in the woods, or the shushing of skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. I would sit there for a few minutes and be at peace. Sometimes I would close my eyes and lay back, and think about my day or what was to come, and just love how beautiful it was to be at one with myself and nature. Life just seemed to stand still for those few moments. I had no worries and in the grand scheme of things, I realized that life was good. I continue to take time for myself whether it be running, mountain biking, practicing yoga, or just taking time to read quietly. It is during these times I reflect on my purpose in life and seek the greater good. I usually find the answers I am looking for while exercising alone.

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and athletics in some form or another. So I guess this is where I find my spirituality. At one point I dreamed of getting married atop a mountain in the winter and skiing down after the ceremony. To me it seemed so fitting, but maybe not so practical for all of the guests! My goal in the next month is to explore my spiritual health even greater by reading books on different religions and spiritual practices. I am also going to try meditating and add in more regular yoga practice. Anyone else want to take the challenge and explore this sixth component of health in a greater depth? What will you do?